Using xAPI with Programs that contain multiple activities


This article covers how CT Readiness programs with more than one activity are treated when integrated with Learning Management Systems (LMS) using xAPI. Please be sure you are familiar with the overall approach covered in Integrating Programs with a Learning Management System (LMS) Using xAPI.

When a CT program is added to an LMS using xAPI it maps to a single LMS course. The completion of the course is not satisfied until all activities have been completed. The final score of the course is reported back as the average of all scored activities in the program. Additional information about how scoring is handled and more are covered in greater detail below. 

Learning Workflow

Program completion

If the CT program is configured with Completion on Submit, the completion event is sent to the LMS only when the last activity that requires a response has been submitted. If the CT program is configured with Completion on Complete, the completion event is sent to the LMS when the last activity has been completed. While the learner is interacting with the program and working towards completion all other events are passed, and the LMS will treat the course as in-progress. (See the diagram at the bottom of this article.)

Program Scoring

The final score that is sent to the LMS is the average of all program activity scores, and this is sent once the last activity has been scored. Given that CT Readiness supports different types of scorecards (e.g. cumulative or 5-star), scores are normalized on a scale of 0 to 100 so that averages can be computed. For example, 3 of 5 stars equates to 60%. If the program only involves a single scorecard then the normalization step is skipped.

If the scorecard for the activity requires a minimum score that hasn't been achieved, CT Readiness will immediately send a failed event rather than waiting for additional scoring to take place. This enables the LMS to alert the users that some remediation may be required in a more timely manner.

By definition, programs configured with Completion on Submit will complete prior to the completion of scoring. When this is the case it is possible for the learner to complete the course with a failed score.


The following diagram illustrates the interaction between CT Readiness and an LMS system for a program has been configured with the Completion on Submit option and with two scored activities.


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