CommercialTribe for Salesforce

CommercialTribe for Salesforce connects CT Readiness programs to your CRM. Learners can access their dashboard of active and recently completed programs from a Salesforce tab, and then launch into the full CT Readiness learner experience.




  1. Navigate to AppExchange and search for CommercialTribe.
  2. Select the CommercialTribe app from the list and follow the standard installation procedure by clicking the 'Get it Now' button
    • Login with your Salesforce credentials
    • Select the target location either in a production or sandbox environment
    • Accept the terms and conditions
    • Select the audience for installation:  Admins Only, All Users, or Specific Profiles based on your needs.
    • Completion the installation by clicking the 'Install' button
  3. Obtain your Salesforce Organization ID necessary for the CT Readiness configuration.  Please refer to this Salesforce knowledge article.
  4. Configure CT Readiness
    • As a CT Readiness Admin, Access the Admin > Site configuration page and scroll down to Integration Settings section.
    • Enter the Salesforce Organization ID obtained in step 3. If you want to integrate more than one organization with this instance of CT Readiness, you can enter multiple Salesforce Organization IDs on separate lines.
    • Ignore the option to enable the custom ID attribute


  5. If you wish to enable just-in-time (JIT) account provisioning, please inform your CommercialTribe account manager. With JIT account provisioning accounts will be created automatically in the linked CT Readiness tentant when learners access CT Readiness for the first time via Salesforce if an account does not already exists. Usernames in CT Readiness are matched to the email address used by the Salesforce account.

Learner Experience

The first time a user accesses the CT for Salesforce tab, they will be prompted to Connect their CommercialTribe account.


Upon connecting, an account in the linked CT Readiness tenant will be looked up based on matching the user's Salesforce email address to a CT username. As mentioned in Step 5 above, if JIT account provisioning is enabled and an account does not already exist, one will be created automatically. If no matching account is found and JIT is not enabled, an 'Account Not Found' error message will be returned.

Upon successfully connecting to CommercialTribe the user will see the CT Dashboard to view required programs that have not yet to be completed, optional programs, and completed programs along with any feedback from previous submissions.  Users will not be required to re-connect their CT account every time they access it.


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