Why is my audio not detected?

When you log into CommercialTribe, a tech check box will pop up to confirm your video & audio settings are configured correctly before you start recording. However, at times you will receive a message that your audio is not detected - be sure to try all options available to you in the dropdown menu, and speak clearly so your computer can register your voice. 

If the error message persists, and you are using the Chrome browser on a Windows computer, you may need to adjust the microphone volume settings on your computer. 


Follow these steps to check your settings

1. RIGHT CLICK on the speaker icon in the system tray - this is typically in the bottom right corner of your window - and select Recording Devices

2. Choose the microphone you use, then click Properties at the bottom.

3. Click on the Levels tab. Turn volume up to 100% and boost to 10dB

4. (If Available) Click on the Enhancements tab next. Select the Disable all sound effects checkbox so that it is checked


5. Click OK twice, then refresh the CommercialTribe page. Your audio should now be detected, and you will be able to record.


If these steps do not resolve the issue, please email the CommercialTribe HelpDesk at helpdesk@commercialtribe.com with as many details as possible. 


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