3.0.9 Release Notes

Password Users in SSO Tenants

The 3.9.0 release allows CommercialTribe clients to use a hybrid approach to their SSO strategy. Previously, clients using SSO could only add users to CommercialTribe by adding those users to their IdP. Now, users logging in with a password can be created from the admin users page, even when SSO is enabled for a tenant.

SSO User Email Routing

In this release, users receiving emails from an SSO-integrated CommercialTribe tenant will now be directed to their IDP to authenticate credentials before being logged in to the platform. This will avoid confusion from emails directing SSO users to the CommercialTribe login page.

Inform Users They Have Used Their Welcome Email

New users in CommercialTribe receive a Welcome Email to set their password and create an account. Occasionally, users who have already set a password will try to use their Welcome Email again, which can cause errors. Now, if a user uses the link in a Welcome Email after setting a password, he or she will be brought to a friendly page which will explain that the account has already been setup, and he or she can login.

Recorder Tech Check

When users log into CommercialTribe for the first time, they will go through a quick “Tech Check” to make sure the camera and microphone are working properly. At times, users sometimes find themselves unable to record because they have bypassed this tech check. Now, the tech check is built into the recorder for any users who still need to ensure the camera & microphone are set up correctly.

New Activity Email Notifications

Administrators creating activities can now determine exactly when participants will be notified of the activity. Upon initial activity creation or editing any existing activities, administrators can turn a "Notify New Participants" toggle on or off. The notification emails will generate if this toggle is on once the start date hits. 

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