FAQ: Chrome Permanent Storage

Recording in CommercialTribe recently switched from temporary storage in Chrome to permanent storage. For more information on this change, please see below. For any additional questions, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Why the change from temporary storage to permanent storage?

The choice to change from temporary storage to permanent storage is to provide our users with a better experience as they use the platform. When using temporary storage, the Chrome browser would initially grant CommercialTribe a pool of shared storage. Sometimes on longer video recordings, we found that Chrome would take back some if not all of the storage. When this happens, the quality of the video is compromised, usually causing frame loss which to a user would look like a cut-off video.

Switching to permanent storage allows CommercialTribe to ask for a dedicated 2GB of space within the Chrome browser. Unlike temporary storage, this pool is not shared, it will only be used for the CommercialTribe application. Permanent storage also does not allow Chrome to take the storage back, which leads to a higher quality video recording experience.

What does the switch mean for users?

The effect to the end user is very small. Users will primarily notice a prompt when they load the recorder for the first time after activating permanent storage. This prompt appears because Chrome does not require permission to use the shared resource pool. However, in order to have dedicated space for CommercialTribe, it is required that the user allows this action. After clicking allow the first time, users will not be prompted again.

I clicked block, what should I do?

Clicking block will not allow Chrome to have any storage and the recorder will not work. If a user clicks block, a message will appear that explains he or she just needs to refresh the page to be prompted again to allow Chrome to use permanent storage.

I had the prompt show up again, I thought that I only had to allow once.

Allowing Chrome to use permanent storage is based on users for the computer being used. If a user logs in on a different machine or is provisioned a new computer, he or she will have to click the allow button again.

Does this mean CommercialTribe is no longer on the cloud?

No, this does not change anything about where the information from CommercialTribe is stored. When using either temporary or permanent storage, the video is stored within the browser to start. After the video is saved and the transcoding message is displayed, the video is being transferred to the cloud. The storage in the browser is what allows users to record in low bandwidth situations without fear of losing their progress.

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