3.0.8 Release Notes

Admin User Page Role Column

The 3.8.0 release has added a “Role” column to the Admin: User page, which allows administrators to easily see a user’s role without clicking into the user details. Admins can also filter by particular roles on the Admin: User page using the filter dropdowns near the top of the window.

Exceptions Report Update

The Exceptions Report now includes the date a user submitted to each part of an activity.  Administrators will now be able to view, filter, and sort by the submit date column on the exported excel spreadsheet.

Please note for watch only parts, the completed (watched) date will be used.

Update to User Ingest CSV

The User Ingest has been improved to only include the fields important to administrators. The mentor and trainer fields will not appear on the ingest and will no longer be required to import users. This will provide a more frictionless experience for administrators ingesting users.

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