3.0.4 Release Notes

Improvement in New Content Creation

When users create best-in-class content to be used for an activity, they must make that content public. Previously, the option to do so was hidden behind a “more options” button on the scenario after creation. To eliminate confusion, the 3.4.0 release will add a new pop-up window after creating a scenario that will give users the option to make their content public or to save it privately for themselves.


Coach Page Filtered by Direct Reports

The 3.4.0 release has taken the first steps into making the Coach page easier to navigate, specifically for those towards the top of the hierarchy. The default view for this page will now display only the direct reports of the Coach, rather than every person who falls below him or her in the hierarchy. The Coaches can still use the filters to view all their teams and submissions available to them, and return back to the initial state using the “Default” filter option.


Reporting Enhancements

This release introduces new reporting that provides all the information available for each activity, which administrator can export to an Excel format. This includes each user’s data around views, practices, submits, last login, manager, and status for each part of the activity.


Coach Visibility to the Scorecard Range

Cumulative scorecards allow administrators to assign a point-value range for each criteria. When rating a submission using such a scorecard, the Coach was not able to see the possible point range for the criteria. In this release, the point range is now visible for each criterion to make things clearer. Coaches can now be confident in the scores they are giving to their reps.


Scorecard Criteria Description Expansion

Currently, administrators can include descriptions for the criteria on a scorecard; some administrators may want to be more verbose or explicit when making these descriptions for the Coaches. While our description field is not limited by characters, it was quite small, making it difficult for the admins to see what they have written. The 3.4.0 release increases the size of the criteria description field, so that the full description can be seen.


Prevent Submissions to Inactive Activities

In order to eliminate misleading notifications for Coaches, we have removed the ability for users to submit to inactive activities. If users have saved practices, they will still be able to access them, but they will not be given the option to submit these practices.

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