Setting Up New User Accounts

This guide walks through setting up new user accounts, specifically from the Admin: Users page in the platform. If you would like to see how to add new users through a bulk excel import, please see this guide.

If your organization has not integrated CommercialTribe with your Single Sign On application, then you will also need to generate a Welcome Email to each user. 

The Welcome Email includes the individual’s CommercialTribe username as well as a a link to generate a password.  Admins can control when the Account Set up email is triggered. There are two main ways to trigger the Account Set Up email:

  1. From the Admin > Users page
  2. From the Admin > Activities page

Reminder: If your SSO is integrated with CommercialTribe, please disregard all information about Welcome Emails. 


Setting Up Users

Users can be added to CommercialTribe by manually adding them to the system OR via the ingest process.  Regardless of how a user is added to the system, the Admin can trigger the Welcome Email when they are ready to give the user platform access.

To manually add a user, navigate to Admin: Users from the left side navigation pane.

Click Add User Manually in the upper right corner. 

Complete the required fields, then turn the “Send User Account Set-Up email" toggle ON if you wish to send the Welcome Email immediately.

Triggering Welcome Emails from Admin: Users 

(Non-SSO Clients)

Once users are added to the system, you can trigger the Welcome Email when you’re ready for them to have system access. 

  • Users that have been added to the system but who have not yet received an email will be in PENDING status.
  • Users that have received an email but have not yet set their password will be in INVITED status
  • Users that have received an email and who have set their password will be in ACTIVE status

To easily send or re-send the Welcome Email, click on the three dots under the Actions header and click SEND WELCOME EMAIL

The user will receive an email similar to the one below:

The user will need to click on the link provided in the email.  Clicking the link will take the user to a landing page where they will be asked to create their own password.  Users will be able to set their password from any browser. 

Once the user has created their password, they can click to login to the system.

If a user attempts to login from an unsupported browser, they will be redirected to the unsupported browser page where they will be prompted to either install/open Chrome or IE11. Learners can also access CommercialTribe through our mobile application.

Triggering Welcome Emails from Admin: Activities

Admins can also trigger the Welcome Email when users are added as Participants to an Activity. This works best when adding a large number of users through the ingest process, so that you will not need trigger a Welcome Email for each individual account. 

You can control when the Welcome Email goes out by either:

  • Putting a future start date on the Activity
  • Adding your Participants on the Activity launch date

NOTE: The Account Set Up email will only be sent to users that have not received the email and who have not set their password.  Activity participants that have already received the email and have set their password will not receive the Account Set Up email.


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