Scorecards Explained

Scorecards Explained

Scorecards have a high degree of flexibility, ranging from a simple five star scale, to a robust point-based scorecard with various criteria. This guide walks through the various ways to use a scorecard. For a guide on how to create a scorecard, click here.

Five Star Scorecards

Five Star scorecards let coaches rate an overall submission using 1-5 stars, with a feedback box to include any additional comments. There is the option to add additional criteria, which gives the coach the option to pass or fail the submission on those specific items.

You have the option to set a minimum score on Five Start scorecards. If this is applied, any submissions at or above the minimum score will automatically pass and be in Complete status. Any submissions below the minimum score will automatically be in Resubmit status, and the user will receive an email notification requesting a Resubmit.

No minimum score allows the Coach to decide whether to Complete the submission or request a Resubmit. This means multiple Coaches can score the submission.


Cumulative Scorecards

Cumulative scorecards set a total point value on the overall scorecard based on the sum of criteria point values. A minimum score is required on cumulative scorecards, which means the user will be automatically Completed if he/she is rated at or above the minimum score, or automatically asked to Resubmit if below the minimum score. This means only one Coach can score a submission with a Cumulative scorecard.

Cumulative scorecards must have at least one criterion with an assigned point value. Any criterion point value can be Fixed or a Range. Fixed means the submission gets either all points or no points for that criterion, Range means the submission can receive any value between the minimum and maximum points for that criterion.


On both scorecards, Coaches can leave additional feedback on any individual criterion as well as overall feedback. Scores are automatically saved, but the Coach must click the green Finish button in order for the Learner to receive an email notification regarding new scorecard feedback.


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