3.0.3 Release Notes

This article outlines the improvements introduced in the 3.3.0 release.


Single Sign On

Organizations that use a Single Sign On (SSO) solution can now use it to access CommercialTribe. Our current implementation will allow users to come to www.commercialtribe.net and use a link under the login button to access their identity provider. From there, a user will enter their company name, and will be able to log in using the same credentials as all the other SSO applications.

With SSO also comes the first round of just-in-time provisioning. Just-in-time provisioning will allow SSO users to log in to CommercialTribe and have an account automatically created for them. Admins can opt in to be alerted of this activity by email to complete the process by adding provisioned users to activities and groups, completing their hierarchy information and confirming their role within the system. 

For a more in depth look at our SSO implementation please contact your Customer Success representative for documentation.

Activity Sorting

We have addressed the relationship of how activities are sorted on both the dashboard (homepage) and the activities page.

The dashboard’s default sorting will be by due date, starting with the closest due date. This is followed by activities with no due date, arranged by earliest start date. 

The activities page default sorting will be as follows:

  1. Activities with a future due date, closest due date first
  2. Activities with no due date, earliest start date first
  3. Activities with past due dates, most recently ended first
  4. Completed activities.

Creating Public Content

To simplify the process of making a scenario public so that it is accessible to pin to an activity, this release will allow any users with access to the create button to not only author their own content, but make that content public. No additional permissions will be necessary. 

Email Notifications

To streamline the CommercialTribe user’s experience of email notifications, we have eliminated a few emails that seemed superfluous to the process. Our 3.3.0 release removes the following email notifications:

  • The "Activity Completed" notifications for learners of Certifications and Watch & Respond activities
  • The "Activity Ended" for coaches
  • The "Badge Earned" notification for learners that complete an entire activity associated with a badge
  • The "You're a Coach!" notification for coaches of new activities

Watch & Respond

Watch and Respond activities with watch-only parts previously generated a "submission" identical to the Model content after the learner watched the scenario, causing confusion for both learners and coaches. The 3.3.0 release allows watch-only parts to go straight to a completed status once they have been watched, with no submission created.  


Release is LIVE April 13th, 2016 at 2 PM MST

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