Automated Password Reset Explained

In order to increase security and a user’s ability to easily and reliably access the CommercialTribe platform, CommercialTribe has revamped its password workflow. With changes across the application, this guide highlights some of the key changes that users will see as they interact with the platform.


Password Set Emails

When users are welcomed to the platform or need to reset their password, they now receive a one-time, automated link to set or reset their credentials. Admins no longer need to set passwords on ingest. Now, any user welcomed to the system will receive a simple link, walk through a short series of steps, and be able to quickly login and start practicing!

New Password Requirements

Users creating a new password or updating their credentials will see new requirements for the password. Users will be asked to create a secure password featuring the following:
•    At least 10 characters
•    One uppercase and one lowercase letter
•    One number or special character
Adding these requirements helps to ensure that users generate secure passwords. 

User Ingest

When users are added to the platform, they will no longer receive a default password that can be changed on login. Administrators decide when and how new users are notified about access. Now, users will receive an email requesting them to set a password and login. This can be triggered by admins:
•    Manually, by pressing a button on the Users page
•    Automatically, by adding a user to an activity that has already started, to a group already participating in an activity, or to an activity that starts as soon as a rep joins

This level of control ensures that new users gain access to the platform only when admins are ready to launch. 

Need help?
Admins can contact their Account Managers, while users can contact CommercialTribe Helpdesk for support at

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