Using the New Coach Dashboard

We have introduced a new & improved Coach Dashboard in CommercialTribe. Here is an overview of the new coaching experience.

Access Point

You will see a new icon in the left side navigation pane called Coaching - this is where you will find the Coach Dashboard. You can make this your homepage in CommercialTribe by adjusting your preferences in your profile.



The Dashboard lists all activities where you will be reviewing submissions. Each activity is on a separate card, and on this card you will see various functions:



Review Carousel

The Review Carousel easily routes you through all submissions available for you to review.



Roster Page

The Roster Page shows everyone that you are assigned to review as well as their status across all parts of the activity.


My Team

On the dashboard, you will also see a My Team widget. If you are a front line manager, you will see all members of your team here. You will see each user’s participation as well. If you have front line managers reporting to you, you will see them as well as their direct reports, and so on. Clicking on a person will bring you to a page that shows all of their assigned activities and the status across every part.


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