3.2.1 Release Notes

This release is full of seemingly "small" improvements that we think make a big difference! We have streamlined several aspects of the platform, which will affect everyone - learners, coaches, and administrators. Here's a quick overview of the changes you will see:

New Statuses for Reporting and Activities

Statuses for coaching and reporting are optimized with this release, moving from 7 statuses to 4. For all activities, coaches and admins can see new statuses on the Coach page and in all reporting. The new statuses are:

New Statuses

Old Status(es) Replaced

Not Submitted

Not Started, Watched, Practicing


Submitted, Reviewed


Rated, Completed


Resubmit will remain the same.

Watch and Respond activities will have two statuses, Not Finished and Finished.


Select a Placeholder

When building an activity before the content is created, you can now select Placeholder instead of Highest Views on the various parts. This creates a more natural process for building draft activities.


Improved New Activity Emails

All “New Activity” email notifications have been simplified to more easily drive users into the activities they need to practice.


Scorecards and Feedback in Emails

Users can now see scorecard feedback within emails sent from the platform. When a coach completes a scorecard, the learner will instantly receive an email with any scoring information and/or feedback directly in the message. Learners will receive feedback more efficiently, making it easier to learn and improve.



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