Guide to the Daily Coach Summary Email

When you are assigned as a Coach to an activity, you will receive a Daily Coach Summary email on days that anyone on your team submits. The email will be a digest of everyone who has submitted in the last 24 hours - see an example below:

The email will list all activities with new submissions, and you can click on the user's name to view the individual submission. If you are not logged in, clicking this link will bring you to the CommercialTribe login page first - after logging in, you will see the submission.

NOTE: Your default browser must be Google Chrome or IE11 to follow this navigation path. If your default browser is something other (i.e. Safari, Firefox, etc), please reference this guide instead. 


Click Play to view the submission. After clicking play, you will be able to complete the scorecard on the right side of your window. Fill in all scorecard criteria (if any), write any overall feedback, then click Finish when you are done. 

Tip: You can view the model scenario the learner watched before he or she practiced & submitted. Start by hovering over the video thumbnail in the Watch The Model widget, then click VIEW. 


Congrats! You have successfully rated the submission. The learner will receive an email notification as soon as you have clicked Finish on the scorecard.

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