Why does my recorder show a camera with a line through it?

This is a fairly common issue for users on Lenovo Thinkpads.  If you see this icon instead of seeing yourself in CommercialTribe, please follow these simple steps to resolve.

Note: This will work for multiple versions of Windows; however, the screenshots may be a bit different.

1. Click on the Start menu

2. Search for Communication Utility or Web Conferencing (both will bring you to the same application).

3. Select the option for Lenovo - Web Conferencing

4. A new window will pop up, and the same camera icon will appear. Select Show my video image.  

5. You can now click Close and your image will now be detected within CommercialTribe. You may need to refresh the window for it to appear.


If these steps do not resolve the issue, please email the CommercialTribe HelpDesk at helpdesk@commercialtribe.com with as many details as possible. 

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